WOLF paddle flow-meter

These extremely versatile control units for spraying machines, based on the modular design of ARAG valves, are now also combined with the most modern electronic distribution control systems for crop protection agro- chemicals.




  • Hi-precision and good price/performance ratio
  • Variants with fork connectors for flexible connection layout
  • Variants suitable for fitting into control units and equipped with hi-pressure brass flanges
  • Operating status LED
  • Sapphire paddle pin to minimize rotational friction and maximize sensitivity and accuracy
  • Paddle assembly equipped with ‘TWIST’ system for either cleaning or replacing operations without the need of any tools
  • Fully sealed and watertight electronic sensor • Rates from 2.5 to 800 l/min


  • Typical error 1% of full scale
  • Operating pressure: up to 40 bars*
  • Power supply 4.5 to 26 Vdc
  • 0-12 Vdc pulse output with frequency proportional to rate Max. consumption: 25 mA
  • Parts in contact with the fluid are made of fiberglass and Delrin® reinforced Nylon

*: operating pressure depends on selected connector/union.