Paddle flow-meter with DIGIWOLF digital display




High accuracy
Programmable multilingual graphic display
Available either with external battery (12 Vdc) or inside cell power supply
Display snap-on cover
Body with fork connectors for flexible connection layout
Sapphire paddle pin to minimize rotational friction and maximize sensitivity and accuracy
Paddle assembly equipped with ‘TWIST’ system for either cleaning or replacing operations without the need of any tools
Fully sealed and watertight electronic sensor • Rates from 10 to 800 l/min


Instant rate display (l/min)
Supplied fluid display • Unit of measurement: liters or US Gallons
2 separately resettable counters
Programmable flow threshold alarm (min./max.)
Assisted constant setting procedure
Characteristic mistake: 1% of the full scale
Operating pressure: up to 20 bars*
Parts in contact with the fluid are made of fiberglass and Delrin® reinforced Nylon
*operating pressure depends on selected connector/union.
Unions with fork connectors on page 180 should be ordered separately.

Cell and battery-powered models