ZETA 200 low pressure diaphragm pump

  • Delivery L/min: 282
  • Delivery gpm: 74.5
  • Pressure bar: 20
  • Pressure psi: 290
  • RPM: 550


UDOR was founded in 1966 for the manufacturing of diaphragm pumps for agricultural sprayers. During 1980s they added a complete series of large flow-medium pressure plunger pumps and at the beginning of 1990s diversified their product range by going into the manufacturing of high pressure plunger pumps for high pressure washing, fire fighting, sewage cleaning and other applications where high performance and durability were requested.

Today UDOR pumbs production includes over 40 types of diaphragm pumps (from 2 to 6 cylinders) and over 130 types of plunger pumps (from 3 to 6 cylinders).