AR 280 bp

AR Pumps offer state of the art solutions; with a heritage that has its roots deep in tradition and artisan culture. A constantly developing company and a  success story in Italy, Europe, and all over the world. A reliable partner, always putting mutual collaboration at the forefront in relations with customers who found that putting their trust in the company paid off.



  • No. of diaph: 6
  • Delivery L/min: 321
  • Delivery gpm: 85
  • Pressure bar: 20
  • Pressure psi: 290
  • Power hp: 12.9
  • RPM: 550
  • Weight kg: 36
  • Dimensions L x H x W mm:409 x 458 x 316
  • Suction mm: Ø 60
  • Outlet mm: Ø 35