Precision farming: ARAG

This ARAG Precision Farming range includes the most advanced electronic and satellite technologies available today, allowing a more accurate job, creating benefits not only to the workers but also to the environment, reducing drastically the use of chemicals. With the Precision farming we let the machines take care of everything from land mapping, to the detection of areas to be treated, to the management and control of every single part of the system.

Bravo 400S

ARAG precision 400s Designed to feature the accuracy required by the Seletron technology, Bravo 400S can now be adjusted to suit all field applications, if matched to the proper electronic control, sensors, actuators and accessories. It can be used as navigator and as computer for the management of all cropspraying machine settings.

Bravo 400S Seletron

ARAG precision farming selectron Version for Seletron

Bravo 400S Accessories

Video camera for BRAVO 400S

Main features

  • Infrared night vision
  • Adjustable bracket
  • Selector for direct or symmetrical vision

Technical features

  • CCD 1/3” colour sensor – 512×582 pixels
  • Vision angle: 120°
  • Cable – 15 m

BRAVO 400S separation kit

  • Allows to place the monitor and switch boxes in different areas of the cabin
  • Suction cup support
  • Connection cable length: 3 meters

GPS Receivers

Arag range of GPS receivers can rely on both GPS and GLONASS systems, thereby increasing the number of satellites used for calculating the position and enhancing reliability even under difficult conditions and in the presence of obstacles (trees, houses, bridges, etc.)

Bravo 400S Navigator

ARAG precision farming navigator
  • It can be used as crop spraying computer or as navigator
  • 5.7″ display
  • 2 camera inputs
  • Calculation of field area
  • Buzzer for correct steering time to properly centre next track depending on preset steering radius
  • Realignment function for lined crops such as maize, cane and so on
  • Display of number of lines, distance and direction to return to the job breaking points
  • Day/night operating mode • Complete overview of the job carried out, with zooming option
  • Driving page can be zoomed in or out according to operator’s needs
  • Storage and display of points of interests. • 2D or 3D driving indications

Technical features

  • Available modes: parallel, curved, pivot and free
  • Graphic 13 LED bar
  • Accuracy up to 2.5 cm depending on the connected
    GPS receiver (page 30 – 31)
  • Management of several users, tools and tractors
  • Job export in Shape format

Skipper LT

ARAG precision farming LT Version for Seletron

Sirio LT

ARAG precision farming sirio Version for Seletron


Version for Seletron

Bravo 300S

ARAG precision farming 300s Version for Seletron

Bravo 180S

ARAG precision farming 80 Version for Seletron

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