Sprayer nozzles and caps

The sprayer nozzle or jet is the last point of control that you have for correct application of your Agrochemical. It determines the rate, pattern, intensity of and size of droplet that you apply to your crop.

nozzlesRegular assessment of whether or not your nozzles are over applying, will actually save you money, Example. if you are over applying by 10% the amount that you are over spending could equate to a substantial amount and a brand new set of nozzles would be only a fraction of that cost. To check your nozzles click hereto download an application chart.

Your sprayer nozzle selection is determined by the application rate specified for the chemical you are using. That you can find from either the side of the chemical can, your Agronomist or your Agrochemical supplier. Another thing that you may have to take into consideration is weather conditions, this may have a huge bearing on what you spray and when you spray it.

We stock srayer nozzles from Teejet, ARAG and ASJ Spray-Jets. All of which produce quality tips ranging from the Standard Fan Jet through to the 3* rated Air Induction Jet. To see an overview of each manufacturers nozzle range, follow the links below.

AragASJ spray jetTeejet