Nozzle Holders: ARAG

AEAG sprayer nozzles for crop sprayersSprayer nozzle holders caps and nozzle tips

A wide range of choice and combinations to equip the sprayer boom based on the crop and treatments required. These parts, which come in frequent contact with the chemical products, are made from widely tested materials, guaranteeing efficient and safe performances. It is important to recall that to maintain such performance levels, always carry out maintenance and clean the parts after each treatment.

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Standard nozzle holderarag-nozzle-holders

Clamp type nozzle holder with diaphragm check valve and quick coupling (cap not included)

Clamp type nozzle holder with diaphragm check valve and 3/8” BSP threaded cap




ARAG Selejet


Quick fitting nozzle holder Selejet with Flow-Stop

  • Maximum operating pressure 8 bar (115 PSI)
  • Air consumption 0,0069 lt/cycle (0,0146 CFM)
  • Viton® gaskets
  • Caps to order separately
  • uitable for booms with automatic selection of nozzle, operated by Computer Bravo 300S

“Flow Stop” Air closure valve

  • Pneumatic valve (normally closed)
  • Suitable for all nozzle holders c/w diaphragm check valve
  • Made in Polypropylene reinforced Fiber Glass
  • EPDM or Viton® gaskets; Stainless steel spring
  • Air consumption 0,0069 lt/cycle (0,0146 CFM)


arag-seletronSeletron nozzle valve

Seletron is a cutting-edge electronic shut- off nozzle valve that, applied to ARAG nozzle holders, allows the separated control of every single nozzle.

The electronic parts embedded in the electronic valve control the actuator and the communication with the computer via Can-Bus, receiving the opening/closingcommandsandoutputtingthe information about valve status.

  • Seletron allows you to divide the boom in as many sections as the number of nozzles thereby minimizing any overlap and reducing running costs and impact on the environment (Buffer Zone).
  • Seletron multiple nozzle holders (twin and fourfold ones) allow you to automatically select the nozzle (or the nozzle set) according to the speed and required instant spray rate (Variable Application).
  • Reduced current absorption limited to the time the electronic valve is activated.
  • One single cable for power and command transmission to up to 104 actuators.
  • Easy to install, compact size and weight allow retrofitting to upgrade existing machines.
  • Installing the valve next to the nozzle ensures the continuous fluid flow inside the boom, with the following advantages:
    > lower dead volume (non dilutable residual).
    > lower external contamination during boom flushing.
    > uniform concentration of chemical along the boom, at the beginning of every new spraying job.
  • Flow rate 3.5 l/min (0.92 GPM) @ 0.35 bar (5 PSI)
  • Flow rate 4 l/min (1.06 GPM) @ 0.5 bar (7 PSI)
  • Opening / closing time 0.4 sec.

Seletron allows to actually realise a sustainable sprayer that can control every single nozzle, and this leads the way to new development of this type of machines. SELETRON goes beyond the limits imposed on system design by current components, thereby increasing application accuracy and environment friendliness.